Urban campsites: expandable mobile camper

It is designed by Eduard Bohtlingk, expandable, luxury and mobile camper. See more modern design camper on Urban campsites in Amsterdam
expandable mobile camper river camping

Luxury camping on the South Korean mountainside

via gizmag
luxury camping tent light

Innovative Transparent Bubble Tents

French designer Pierre-Stéphane Dumas has put a new spin on camping outdoors with his series of tent-like chambers shaped like igloos. see more on bubbletree.

bubble camping tents

Two second pop up tents

Capacity: Cozy for 2 adults. Shoe storage space between the bedroom and flysheet. Sounds like a great idea to build up tents outside, based on my personal experience, it took 2 second to pop up tens, while it took me 2 hours to pack.

instant pop up camping tents

Super lightweight Gogo Elite Tent

One person tent with super lightweight materials, basically you can pack it in your water bottle, how cool it is?

lightweight camping inflatable tent

Wedge tent

The design concept is clear, with innovative structure and materials that allows you can set up camp near by windy beach or in the desert.see more on Heimplanet

withstand wind camping tent

EcoCamp in Patagonia, Chile.

As the website describes “EcoCamp Wildlife Safari, it is a trip of lifetime. This unique trip takes you through Torres del Paine’s highlights and lets you enjoy the best of the park’s flora and fauna on nature walks, treks and cycling excursions with your local expert guide.” via Northsouthtravel