1. Gold Bubbling Lamps


bubbling-lamp-box-creative bubbling-lamp-creative

This gold bubbling lamps has a Japanese name: KIHOU. It is designed by two Japanese designers: Hideki Yoshimoto and Yoshinaka Ono. It is an indirect lighting product using two kinds of liquid and air bubbles. Most important is: you can’t buy it, you can only rent it. See link: Tangent


2. Lumio: Portable Book-Shaped Light

This gorgeous book lamp can definitely bring an elegant atmosphere in your reading room. It was designed by Max Gunawan

See his designs on Lumio book lamps



3. Greenhouse Lamp

Building up your micro-ecosystems with this greenhouse lamp, great idea, but who will clean it after plants grow inside for several months. See website:Kristyna Pojerova


4. Peel Wall Light

Simple and creative. We really love this kind of creative lamps. Image credits: yoy-idea.jp


5. Real Dandelions OLED Lights

Another Japanese designer Takao Inoue turns those real dandelions into gorgeous OLED lights. See more of his works: takaoinoue.com

creative-lamps-chandeliers-real-dandelions-led creative-lamps-chandeliers-real-dandelions-lights

6. A Bonus: Cute Teddy Bear Lamp



Designed by Matthew Kinealy-Teddy Bear Lamp