wine-opener-legless corkscrew-Pirate-bottle-opener

This furious legless pirate is going to destroy every bottle of your wine or beer.

1. Legless Corkscrew Pirate Bottle Opener


They’re not only responsible for cute! They are really easy to hold and nice to leave out on counter,

2. Squirrel Non Stick Rice Paddle


Must have for spaghetti lovers! It also works for washing fruits and vegetables as well!

3. Whale Pot Strainer


Those bear oven mitts work great, but be careful your dog might be concerned when you wear it.Here is the link:

4. BEAR HANDS Oven Mitts


Those four beautiful hedgehog measuring cups will be always the most popular kitchen gifts. See link:

5. Hedgehog Kitchen Measuring Cups


What is the best way to not mix up your friends drink in your party? Bring some kitties!

6. Paws For Celebration Wine Charms


Trust me, you’ll never feel lonely as long as you’re cooking with this little fella.

7. Nessie Soup Ladle


Multipurpose cutlery and toothbrush Elephant holder, cute and functional, it’s trunk helps drain into the sink. Here is the link:

8. Elephant Kitchen Drain


They’re two peas in a pod, like two best friends always stick together to spice up your meal everyday. Now you can tell your family

“9. Peas Pass Me the Salt Shaker Set“


Lovely Fruit Fork with Whale Holder. Perfect for party with your friends and families. Here is the link:

10. Cute Fruit Folk With Whale Holder