10 personalities of bras. From workhorse to heavy lifter, they’re the best friends of girls. Man can never understand those issues of wearing bras.





#1 Strapless bra: the great descender.

strapless bras issues like belt

#2 Useless boob bedazzier

pretty bedazzle bras: useless, not funciton

#3 Friend’s Bra: The interloper

purple strange bras

#4 Bra too large: the motivational brassiere

full cup size bras

#5 Must-have for large-breasted set.

large breasted bras illustriation

#6 Uncomfortable bra: Sir pokes-a-lot

bras with sharp badly lines

#7 The lays chips bag bra: the deceiver

magic bra makes boos bigger

#8 Workout bra: the Vise

workout bras

#9 The bat bra: affects your cleavage, breaks laws of physics, the gravity.

bras affects cleavage office lady

#10 Bra worn everyday: the workhorse.

workhorse favorite bras wear every day