#1 Biscut Cookie Cutter

Just roll it on the flattened dough to create breaking marks, bake it, brake it – and you’re done!
Designed by Peleg Design. Get it on MonkeyBusiness
cute kitchen tools biscuit cookie cutter

#2 Juice Bruce Lemon Squeezer

Juice Bruce got one job to do everyday,juicing citrus fruits, lemon, orange and grapefruit. Designed by Studio Yaacov Kaufman
Making perfect salade: juice bruce lemon squeezer

#3 Betty’s Spoon Set

Betty is Bruce’s girlfriend, a quiet girl working at kitchen to protect your soup spoon. Designed by Wishlist
Kitchen tools: spoon set cute betty

#4 Egg cup three warriors

Three egg cup warriors will protect one of your most important breakfast-eggs. They are Ninja, Sumo and Arthur soldier. They’re all at attention, general. Designed by Shahar Nissim
cooking tools: cute egg cup and holders

#5 The most welcome Nessie family

From tea infuser and soup ladle, they’re a famous Nessie family in your kitchen. Designed by OTOTO
kitchen tools: nessie tea infuser and soup ladle

#6 Astro fruit keeper

One of this cute astronaut’s temper job is to keep your spare fruit, like lemon,onion and tomato. Designed by OTOTO
Cooking tools: fruit lemon onion keeper astronaut suit

#7 Let it go, sid.

No, I will not let the spoon go! Designed by Luka Or and Hagai Zakai
cooking tools: funny spoon saver

#8 Desperate sid

He has a bad day, don’t bother him! Designed by Luka Or

funny cooking tools: cute and quirky lid sid

#9 Board brother

Their mission is to hold your kitchen board till the end of the world. Designed by Peleg Design
cool cooking tools: practical and funny board stand board brother

#10 Super, super cute monkey hooks

How can we say no to those tiny funny monkeys? Designed by Luka Or
cute kitchen tools: super cute monkey kitchen hooks

mother's day gift: kitchen hooks cute monkey tail

#11 Oiladdin pour&stopper

Make a wish while pour your oil with this oiladdin, maybe one of your dream will come true! Designed by Peleg Design

mother's day gift: oiladdin pour kitchen tools