10 Funny Memes Today #1 Christmas Decorations Done Right

#1 Christmas decorations done right
#2 How is my dad completely immune to the black and white filter
#3 I didn’t want people to think i didn’t have a fork
#4 So I start my shower & I get clothes so I can put them on when I get out, I go to get in the shower & I see this
#5 My brothers dog hasn’t seen him for a year, this is her first reaction.
#6 Entertainment systems will come equipped for multiplayer games.
#7 Are you driving a washing machine?
#8 me behind my friends at haunted houses this year
#9 Santas learning sign language. It warms my heart to think of the joy this will bring to children who may be deaf or hard of hearing
#10 Me one minute before vs one minute after Red Dead Redemption 2 dropped

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