#1 So true: How everyone feels after being with family for 48 hours.
#2 My dad got a picture of himself and put it on a blanket. He gave it to my sister and calls it the “birth control blanket”
#3 Grandma doesn’t like being challenged.
#4 Dad and baby
#5 Dad’s note
#6 This dad bought a snorkel for the sole purpose of taking naps in the pool
#7 You can tell which family member is coming upstairs by their step pattern
#8 Dad peeling oranges
#9 A hardworking dad trying to feed his 4 teenage turtles
#10 How I look vs How my grandma sees me
#11 Kids will tap you on ya shoulder at 3 am like…
#12 So accurate: losing mommy at the grocery store at 22 years of age
#13 me walking into my moms room at 4 am to tell her I threw up
#14 My mom wanted a selfie of her sons at our sisters wedding
#15 The sweetest kid ever: Just wanna be rich enough to buy my Mom all the stuffs she deserves
#16 Who is your hero?
#17 Sometimes, being there is more than enough
#18 My grandpa has been giving my grandma flowers every time he goes riding for the past 40 years