10+ Fresh Memes Today #3 How To Bake Two Pizzas At Once

#1 my childhood tells me she’s giving me a clue
#2 dog’s report
#3 life hack: how to bake two pizzas at once
#4 buzz light beer
#5 I think that’s where my anxiety started.
#6 The end of this kids book ends on the most riveting cliffhanger I’ve ever seen
#7 male figure skater
#8 I wish pets lived longer and life wasn’t so expensive.
#9 The car is waiting for the spring patiently.
#10 Quote today : If you don’t heal what hurt you, you’ll bleed on people who didn’t cut you.
#11 running in the dream
#12 This boy was carrying books in a microwave to school.
#13 just had a heart attack seeing this. Don’t keep your wigs near children
#14 Awesome man on the bus
#15 The elder gods vs the holy trinity

What do you think?

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