Oct 24, 2016
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6+ Repurpose Ideas That Can Simplify Your Life Right Away.

What are the spirits of life hacks, DIY tricks and repurposing ideas? Creative and have fun! We collect some really incredible ideas which can simplify your life right away, and also can open your mind to how to reuse your daily stuffs for other purpose.

#1 Use can opener to open sealed plastic packaging

life hacks: open sealed plastic packaging with can opener

#2 Get some frozen grapes to chill your wine

creative life hacks: chill wine with frozen grapes

#3 Turn the crib to a studying table for your children

DIY ideas: turn crib into a table for children

#4 Making wine bottles as chandeliers

DIY idea: wine bottles to chandeliers

#5 Repurpose ideas: DIY old rake to a wine holder

turn old rake to a wine holder

#6 DIY Lego as key holder

repurpose ideas: turn Lego into a cable and key holder

#7 Pop stocking on your vacuum cleaner to find small items

life hack idea: using vacuum cleaner to find small items

#8 DIY old ladder to a bookshelf

diy idea: turn old ladder to a bookshelf

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