One of the cutest engagement ideas.

May 3, 2015

engagement ring proposal ideas cat
This must be one of the best and cutest engagement ideas: My best friend put an engagement ring on the collar of his girlfriend’s cat that always greets her. And she says yes. via

My girlfriend was flicking through a magazine last night and spotted a really expensive engagement ring.”That’s what I want.” she said. So I cut it out and handed it to her.

Awesome Fairytale Book Covers Made By Aniko Koleshnikova

May 3, 2015

polymer clay fairytale book covers aniko koleshnikova

Aniko Kolesnikova, a Latvian designer, who has a huge passion on design of elaborate book covers. Those fantastic fairytale book covers all made by herself. See her shop on Etsy


Give Your Dog A New Haircut: Round or Square.

May 2, 2015

funny dog haircut round square
Taiwanese dog lovers get a new idea of dog grooming, make their dogs’ haircut round and square. The funny haircut looks exactly like animals in Minecraft. Here is the link: rocketnews24