Simple and adorable, Bunny Light.

Fancy Home
Apr 20, 2015

Creative and adorable! A cute bunny which can definitely light up your sleeping room.
Super adorable bunny with a light bulb where his fluffy tail should be. He’s irresistible, and a little surreal.via

This Incredible Nurse Cat Takes Care Of Other Sick Animals At A Polish Shelter

Apr 18, 2015

nurse cat sick animals shelter poland
Radamenes, a black cat, who was recovered from a Polish animal shelter, now it taking care of other sick animals like a real nurse. resource:

Animal Planters: For Pet And Plant Lovers

Apr 18, 2015

animal pot planters pet plants designs
Etsy does have some brilliant craft artist who can make some brilliant and lovely stuffs. Animalplanters is one of them, especially for pet and plant lovers. Here is the link: Etsy