Such a beautiful faucet design: Swirl.

Fancy Home
Mar 8, 2015

water conservation swirl faucet design
Simin Qiu, a Chinese design student in London’s Royal College of Art, has designed this luxurious-looking Swirl Faucet. It also helped him win a 2014 IF Concept Design Award. See more: Behance (h/t: mymodernmetyankodesign)

Soul leaving the body

Mar 8, 2015

soul leaving body picture

It’s time to make your own iPhone 6.

Cool stuffs
Mar 8, 2015

iphone 6 color wrap accessories cool designs
Express yourself through color! Now that you’ve got your hands on the hottest device on the market, it’s time for you to make it your own. With the stunning iPhone 6 wrap, vibrant colors of this brand new Color Collection Full Body Wrap for the iPhone 6, your personality will pop.via