3D Floors That Can Magically Turn Your Bathroom And Kitchen Into Ocean.

Fancy Home
May 2, 2015

Imperial, a Dubai company innovated a liquid 3D floors which can decorate your bathroom and kitchen as a real ocean. You will get a lot of “WOW…” after see some more example of 3D floors from their site:  imperialae.com

Love, Hate And Confused: Complicated Relationship Of Cats.

May 2, 2015


Some brilliant new words that you can never find in your old dictionaries.

Apr 20, 2015

Here are ten most popular yet brilliant new words on the Internet, most of them are modern slang from urbandictionary.com or you can call them portmanteaus, it’s fun to add those words into your new dictionary. For more words click the link: boredpanda.com