Aug 6, 2016
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Funny Pictures Of The Day.–10+ Pics.

#1 Chicken shaming


#2 Dog’s shocking face

funny dog ears

#3 Drunk level: sandal phone

funny pictures drunk lady subway

#4 Evil cat

funny pictures evil cat

#5 Olympics Ranking Today

funny Olympics pictures Rio 2016

#6 Smart way to take a picture of Mona Lisa at The Louvre.

funny pictures Mona Lisa The Louvre

#7 Beaver is doing bench pressing

funny pictures beaver on the road

#8 Hello…

funny pictures Lionel Richie chopping board is it me you're cooking for?

#9 Motivational quotes for potatos

funny quotes potato

#10 Oprah Winfrey hopes die in the morning…

funny quotes Oprah Winfrey when I die

#11 My life summed up in Rihanna’s song

funny quotes Rihanna song

#12 A big hug from a giant old English sheepdog.

cute old English sheepdog height

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