Jurassic Park-explain a film plot badly

Jurassic Park: A startup compnay learns the importance of a proper IT budget.

Frozen-explain a film plot badly

Frozen–After the death of her parents, a young socialite causes millions in property.

Harry Potter-explain a film plot badly

Harry Potter: Boy spends 7 years being a third wheel

Batman-explain a film plot badly

Batman: A billionaire devotes his fortune to cosplay and beating up the mentally ill.

Titanic-explain a film plot badly

TITANIC: A lot of people take the Ice Bucket Challenge. It doesn’t end well.

Narina-explain a film plot badly

NARNIA: 4 kids come out of the closet

ET-explain a film plot badly

E.T: Illegal immigrant chased by the Feds

Shrik-explain a film plot badly

SHRIK: A guy learns to love a girl without her Instagram filters.

Twilight-explain a film plot badly

TWILIGHT: a love triangle between an eighteen year old girl, a hundred year old guy and a dog

Lord of the rings-explain a film plot badly

LORD OF THE RINGS: Group spends 9 hours returning jewelry.

Star Wars-explain a film plot badly

Star Wars: talking frog convinces son to kill his dad .

Not like rottentomatoes, Twitter account #ExplainAFlimPlotBadly is a place for you to twist the plot of most famous movies. It’s funny because those MOVIE COMMENTS are true.