Crazy Cat Bed Idea Inspired By Super Mario’s Chain Chomp Monster.

Fancy Home
May 6, 2015

cat bed chain chomp monster
A cat furniture company “Catastrophicreations” had a crazy idea to build up a cat bed inspired by super mario’s chain chomp monster. see more on their Etsy shop.

Happiness is…. (6 happy videos on Youtube)

May 6, 2015

Realizing you’re a grandfather.

Having your groceries bought for you.

Knowing people care.

Seeing your family member return home after two years.

Hearing your mom sing.

Finding out you’re going to be a grandmother.

What is your happiness?

Get the same clothes as those character wore on a TV show.

Life Hacks
May 5, 2015

tv show character clothes gossip girls
Love to wear the same clothes that your favorite TV show characters wore? Go to, you will not be disappointed at all.