You Won’t Believe These 9 Animals With Crazy Abilities!

Jul 5, 2015

9 animals with crazy abilities
9 hilarious animal MEME which tell you some animals do have crazy abilities. e.g. Foxes often have bank accounts and can routinely be seen waiting for ATMs. via

The Cutest Nap Buddies: Owlet And Kitten

Jul 4, 2015

cute kitten owlet best friends
Hukulou coffee shop in Osaka, Japan, a special owl cafe has a pair of best friends: Fuku the owlet and Marimo the kitten.

Two Dog Boston: Walter Hates Max.

Jul 4, 2015

Boston dogs annoying funny
Walter and Max are two dog Boston. Max’s role is the little annoying brother. Guess who is Walter, who is Max.
via: Instagram